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Episode 1: Gen Con!

Hello Geeks!

We’re back from Gen Con, and episode 1 is out. In this show, we discuss hobby, upcoming local events, interesting news, and GEN CON!

Game Summit (WM/H Registration)
Arcane Paintworks masterclass

Gen Con
Badger Air-Brush & Co.
Brush 4 Hire
Ironbox Games
Games & Gears
Privateer Press
Ninja Division
Dropzone Commander by Hawk Warrgames
Heavy Gear by DP9
Impact Miniatures
Garagehammer Podcast
Smirk & Dagger Games
James Wappel’s blog
Brendan Palmer of GMM Studio
Under Discussion Podcast
Bushido by GCT
Dark Sword Miniatures
Miniature Building Authority
UFS Megaman by Jasco Games
Dead Meat: Quarantine Zone America
Duel Betwixt Us by Game Salute
Stonehaven Miniatures

Intro music is Aggressor by Free Stock Music.
Break and exit musics are Le Bone Setter and Catharsis by La Drave.

- The Geeks

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Arcane Paintworks Masterclass with Meg Maples confirmed!

When: Dec 6-7 2014
Where: Gamers Vault
Cost: $205 USD (American $$)
About: 2 days, intensive 16-hour course taught by none other than Meg Maples

Here is the full class description:

Join me, Meg Maples, award winning miniature painter, for 16 hours of intensive instruction over the course of a weekend. I’m super excited for this class as it’s already promising to be a fantastic class!

Day 1 will cover:
Miniature Cleaning and Prep
Proper Priming Techniques
2 Brush Blending (a quick and efficient technique for smooth blends)
Painting Faces and Eyes.
Color Theory

Day 2 will cover:
Hair and Fur
OSL (glowy bits)
Basing materials
True Metallic Metals

I recommend students bring the following with them:

Minis with well defined features such as faces, hair, fur, eyes, armor, big cloaks or tabards. You want a variety of surfaces to paint on.
Painting lamp
P3 paints (if you have them, they are best for 2 Brush Blending)
Raphael Kaerell Synthetic Rounds sizes 2 and 3 (synthetic brushes) for blending
Winsor & Newton Series 7 size 2 Brush for details
Dry well palette
Sketchbook and pen for note taking
Hair dryer (at least a couple for the class to share)
Super glue
Hobby knife
Other minis to practice techniques on
White Spray Primer

The class is USD$205/person and you can reserve a seat by sending in payment to through paypal. Once I receive payment I will confirm and add the individual to the roster for the class.


Episode 0 is out!

Episode 0 is now available! In this episode, we introduce ourselves, talk about our recent hobby, and finally chat about our coming trip to Gen Con.

Download it, listen to it, and give us your comments. This is our first try, so bare with us. It should all get even better with time.

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Stuff we mention in our discussions:

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- The Geeks

Hello Geeks!

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