Arcane Paintworks Masterclass with Meg Maples confirmed!

When: Dec 6-7 2014
Where: Gamers Vault
Cost: $205 USD (American $$)
About: 2 days, intensive 16-hour course taught by none other than Meg Maples

Here is the full class description:

Join me, Meg Maples, award winning miniature painter, for 16 hours of intensive instruction over the course of a weekend. I’m super excited for this class as it’s already promising to be a fantastic class!

Day 1 will cover:
Miniature Cleaning and Prep
Proper Priming Techniques
2 Brush Blending (a quick and efficient technique for smooth blends)
Painting Faces and Eyes.
Color Theory

Day 2 will cover:
Hair and Fur
OSL (glowy bits)
Basing materials
True Metallic Metals

I recommend students bring the following with them:

Minis with well defined features such as faces, hair, fur, eyes, armor, big cloaks or tabards. You want a variety of surfaces to paint on.
Painting lamp
P3 paints (if you have them, they are best for 2 Brush Blending)
Raphael Kaerell Synthetic Rounds sizes 2 and 3 (synthetic brushes) for blending
Winsor & Newton Series 7 size 2 Brush for details
Dry well palette
Sketchbook and pen for note taking
Hair dryer (at least a couple for the class to share)
Super glue
Hobby knife
Other minis to practice techniques on
White Spray Primer

The class is USD$205/person and you can reserve a seat by sending in payment to through paypal. Once I receive payment I will confirm and add the individual to the roster for the class.


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