Geeks of the North Episode 8 – Meg Maples’ interview

Hello Geeks!

This week, after our usual banter, we interview Meg Maples of Arcane Paintworks. We chat about her freelance work and the Montreal Masterclass that she just held.

Ichiban Studio Masterclass, January 3rd
Canadian Shield Tournament, January 31st & February 1st
Templecon, February 5th to 8th
ND Open VII & Northern Defenders Painting Contest, March 7-8th 2015

CMON’s Rum & Bones on kickstarter
New models from Knight Models!
Foldio 2, by OrangeMonkie
Mierce showing new models for Darklands in 2015
PP’s Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit
Tabletop workshop launched new Castle kits

Meg Maples interview
Arcane Paintworks blog
Arcane Paintworks facebook page
Putty and Paint

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Gamers’ Vault

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Comments (4)

  1. My oldest kid just turned 4 years old, he’s not allowed to paint yet, but can play with the Firestorm Armada stuff (I don’t really care what happens to them, I prefer BFG). I’ll probably wait for another year, but I’ve been sitting on the “Heroica” dungeoncrawl from Lego. Seems like a good introduction to gaming and since he really likes legos, it should help too…

    • GotN2014

      Totally forgot about the Heroica serie. My son being a big fan of Legos too, I’ll need to invest in some sets! -Antoine

  2. So, when do we start the painting classes for kids at GV? ;)

    Reaper bones are great for kids to paint too, my kids like the giants, as they’re easier to see the faces (though that was the 7 yr old, not the 3 yr old!).

    Also, I get 2 mentions this podcast! Yay go me!

    Also, Paul, I didn’t cheat in bringing minis I could see the eyes on, I just read the instructions! ;)

    • GotN2014

      My little one might still be a bit young, and with his energy level, I wouldn’t do a class yet, but we’ll have to do that one day for sure! -Antoine