Geeks of the North Episode 9 – 2014 The Year of the Geeks

Hello Geeks!

For the last show of 2014, we’re having the whole family to discuss what we liked about the year, from miniatures, books to events and more!

EnviroTex Lite
The Zonion, sculpted by Antoine and painted by Yaum

Prison Architect by Introversion Software

Ichiban Studio Masterclass, January 3rd
Canadian Shield Tournament, January 31st & February 1st
Templecon, February 5th to 8th
ND Open VII & Northern Defenders Painting Contest, March 7-8th 2015

DP9 x-mas special mini: Chibi Hunter (up to Jan 5th)
MOMMiniature Divine Rage Mounted Chaos Lord
Fantasy Flight Games announces the Imperial Raider for X-Wing

Shout out
Geek Girl Weekly
1+ Armour
Captain Spud

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Intro music is Aggressor by Free Stock Music.
Break and outro music by La Drave.

- The Geeks

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  1. I don’t have a podcast and nobody listens to my opinions, but I’d like to give my 2014 shout out back to Yaum for trying to convince me to do strange things with puppets.


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