Geeks of the North Episode 17 – Age of Sigmar review

Hello Geeks!

The whole gang gathers in episode 17 to chat about what we did in hobby, the news, and most importantly, our opinions on the initial release of the new Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. WHFB is dead, long live WHFB. So sit back, relax, grab a paintbrush and enjoy the show!

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Magnetically floating model
Extreme rage quitting video
Captain Spud chibi sculpting blog post

Upcoming Event
ND Monthly, August 15th, L’Abyss

Reaper Bones III on KS
Rivals: Masters of the Deep, until July 31st
Farrow Brigand Warlord unit attachment
Tramp Steamer, by CNC Workshop Miniature Scenery
GW release Warhammer Age of Sigmar boxset
Avatars of War’s Warthrone mass battle are out and free to download
Mantic release KoW 2nd ed free rules
USAriadna on pre-order
GW HQ in Nottingham changed their statue and store front emblem

Warhammer Fantasy Battle alternatives
Kings of War by Mantic
Warthone by Avatars of War
Wargods [of Aegyptus/Olympus/Hyperborea] by Crocodile Games

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Breaks and outro music by La Drave.

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  1. Jordan

    Becareful with any criticism of AoS, GW fanboys/employees/plants will label you a bandwagon hater, cry baby, un-valued customer!

    As for models breaking in your hands. I have a Finecast Gundabad General (formerly Bolg), nicely sculpted, but I broke the spikes on his shoulder when I applied light pressure when holding him. I miss metal…

    • GotN2014

      Considering our relative opinions of the new game, we were pretty tame in our rant. We did outline good points in the system, we didn’t just rage on about it. ;)

      I consider myself lucky to not have had to work with Finecast yet. I generally love GW’s plastic, but the newer kits are breaking the limit (pun intended).

      Thanks for listening!


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  3. Codsticker

    Hello guys, I just listened to your podcast yesterday while going about work. I enjoyed your review of the new game although I must admit, your response were predictable. I think most of the older WFB players are bound to dislike it whilst younger players will adapt much easier. Definitely a bold move by GW- only the long term will see if this re-invention will flourish, merely survive or die.

    Two points came to mind while listening and thinking about your opinions.

    Firstly, one of the interesting things I have observed of people who are primarily players of GW games is their inflexibility when it come to branching out. It appears to be a significant challenge for the majority to consider using rules other than GW’s when they put GW figures on the table. I think this maybe a consequence of the GW culture; “Our store, our rules, our models” has migrated from the GW shop to the clubs and basements. It was great to hear you guys mention some of the less commonly used rules out there as alternatives to WFB. Osprey publishing will also be releasing a fantasy variation of there popular Lion Rampant medieval rules, called Dragon Rampant. You also mentioned Warmaster; Warlord Games publish a great set of historical rules based on the Warmaster philosophy called Hail Caesar. Users of the rules have taken to adapting it to fantasy battles, information for which can be found in the Hail Caesar sub-forum on the Warlord website.

    Secondly, really, there is no reason to go looking for an alternative outside of the GW stable if WFB players don’t want to: 8th edition still exists. An unfortunate side effect of players that have been introduced to wargaming through GW games is that they are reluctant (or possibly incapable) to pursue a game that is no longer “supported” by GW. WFB players are still free to play 8th edition; WFB will only die if the local communities of players allow it. In fact, the lack of support could be considered liberating- no new releases means no wrenches thrown into thew existing landscape, no “codex-creep” as it were.

    That got a bit long winded… anyway, I always enjoy your podcasts; the variety of topics is great, everybody can heard loud and clear and just the right amount of nonsense.