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News of the North – 2016-05-03

Hello geeks,

Welcome to the May 3rd, 2016 edition of News of the North. Here’s our weekly selection of interesting news items in the miniature wargaming world.

ND Open VIII (May 7th and 8th)
Figurines Qu├ębec (May 7th)
Capital City Blood Bath (August 19-21)

[Privateer Press] New Releases
[Khurasan Miniatures] 15mm Fungal Legion
[Corvus Belli] New Infinity Releases
[Wyrd Miniatures] Free Malifaux Rules
[Anvil Industry] New Fallen Dwarfs
[WarGamma] New Hive Regent
[Acolyte Miniatures] The Defeated, 72mm Diorama
[Outlaw Miniatures] – New Wild West Exodus Release: Iron Horse Blazer
[Forge World] Solar Auxilia Surgeon-Primus Aevos Jovan & Medicae Orderlie

Crowdfunding News
[Paranoid Miniatures] Mythos
[Iron Wind Metals Company] Ral Partha’s Chaos Wars Dwarf, Undead, Troglodyte Miniatures
[Mierce Miniatures] Darklands: Mighty Monsters

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Intro jingle is News End Signature by mansardian used under Creative Common 3.0 license.
Outro music by La Drave.

- The Geeks

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